Commitment and respect for the environment


CERACASA, SA, a company founded in 1984 develops its activity within the manufacturing and commercialization of ceramic floor and wall tiles, assumes the principles on which its quality, environment, energy and health and safety policies are structured. Specifically: • Compliance with applicable legislation and regulations, as well as other requirements or voluntary agreements that the company may sign. • The analysis and evaluation of the relevant and significant aspects of our industrial activity in order to eliminate, minimize and, when this is not possible, prevent health and safety and the environmental impacts associated with it, implementing measures that guarantee an active protection of people, facilities and the environment, persevering in the conservation of the Environment, in the rational use of natural resources and in the improvement of energy efficiency. • The offer of a product and a service according to the expectations of our clients with the firm intention of achieving their full satisfaction. • The promotion, at all times, of the continuous and reasonable improvement of the Integrated Management System, structured according to the requirements of the ISO 14001, UNE 16001, ISO 9001 and OSHAS 18001 standards. It is unavoidable, and that is the way it is understood by Management, to facilitate communication channels and mechanisms that favor total coordination and collaboration between all departments and people that make up the structure of CERACASA, SA For all these reasons, Management is commited to provide the necessary resources and means, to efficiently assign the functions and responsibilities and to train and sensitize every person in the company regarding the suitability of assuming these policies.

Environmental Management

CERACASA has a department that enhances any nucleus of its structure capable of influencing the environmental variable, therefore guaranteeing that the supplied product has been manufactured within a framework of respect for the environment and complying with the most rigorous standards of environmental quality.

ISO 14001 Standards

CERACASA has an environmental management system structured according to the guidelines of the ISO 14001 standard, with the guarantee of having been certified since February 2000, by such a prestigious entity as BVQi. This means that the company has mechanisms to detect, identify, evaluate and control all aspects related to production or management activities that may cause alterations in the environment.

Waste recovery

Under these parameters, there are different action programs that are structured and developed aiming at reducing or canceling their impact. Currently it can be said that CERACASA recovers practically all the waste generated by its activity.

At the end of 2008, the renewal of the ISO 14001 certificate was obtained and the INTEGRATED ENVIRONMENTAL AUTHORIZATION was achieved, complying with the strictest laws regarding environmental protection.


This product manages to give structural ceramics a function that improves the environment considerably, opening new frontiers and adding to the responsibility of every company a global need that has not been corrected, up until now.