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Ceramics are flat pieces, of different thicknesses for each size, made from clays, silica, dissolvent and colorants which undergo an industrial process of milling, pressing, drying and firing to obtain different technical characteristics.

Normally it is used as tiles for floors and walls and facades. Ceramic for both walls and floors are water proof because they have a clay base and a glazed surface called: glazed ceramics.

The clays used in the make up of the base can be in red, white or different colours. In this way ceramics can be classified as: white-bodied tile, red-bodied tile, glazed stoneware o porcelain, each one being a different product with different technical properties.


At the moment Ceracasa offers a variety of ceramics to suit every use or requirement. Among the types we produce, are the outstanding:

• Red-bodied wall tiles.
• White-bodied wall tiles.
• Stoneware
• Glazed porcelain.
• Rectified and glazed porcelain.
• Rectified, glazed and polished porcelain.
• Special / decorated pieces.


Ceramic tiles are normally porous (some 12-14% of water absorption) which favours their adherence to the wall. On the other hand, stoneware or porcelain, have a much lower porosity; stoneware lower than 4% and porcelain lower than 0.5% in terms of water absorption and so have superior technical characteristics (resistance, frost resistence, hygiene…)

Finely ground powder or ‘dust’ is the base to obtain ceramic products and its homogenisation guarantees consistency in the physical properties of the material. The dust is then fed into an oleodynamic press with a force of over 1800 Tm/cm2 which presses the piece into the shape and form desired, we have very precise metallic moulds to achieve exact pieces.

The next stage is the drying or setting of the formed pieces and then they can be glazed with various layers of glazes with different compositions and optional decoration according to the chosen model.

Once the glazing and decoration of the pieces has been carried out they are put into the kiln to be fired in cycles of various durations and at high temperature according to the product. The maximum temperature depends on the type of product desired.

Glazed ceramics and decoration give tiles their beauty and the technical characteristics of the surface required. In the case of ceramic tiles, their impermeable qualities, resistance to detergents, etc and in the case of floor tiles, their resistance to abrasion, acids and scratching, etc.

In the single-fire process the glaze is applied directly to the raw, pressed paste, both are heated simultaneously at temperatures up to 1200ºc to give the final finish.

Nowadays the single-fire process has a cycle of between forty and fifty minutes duration.

Moreover, added to the economic nature of the single fire method is the great facility in the automation of the different stages of production with the accompanying reduction in costs.

The technical advances, strict process control, careful design suitable for any atmosphere, and the care in classification, give as a result a product with consistent characteristics and which meets the highest demands.


    La cerámica para fachadas que purifica el aire.
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